I originally founded Dentist Friendly in 1988 under the auspice of “The Dental Savers Club” it was again re-branded in 2004 to “The Good Faith Dental Plan” and then finally with the input of dentists like you, was re-branded to “Dentist Friendly” the dentist friendly network.

When Dental Networks were first introduced to Dentistry I was a young Dentist. The fee schedules were a little lower than my practice’s everyday fees, but I was willing to forgo a small amount of revenue in order to gain some new patients to my still struggling practice.

Many years passed and it seems like the vast majority of my patients were now “In Network” patients and very few were without networks. The fees were lower than my UCR fees but they seemed to be keeping up with inflation so I continued to participate in many networks.

However, in the last few years many networks have stopped updating their fees. They are using the same fee schedules year after year. If this trend continues my income and those of my fellow dentists will suffer severe declines.

The solution is a new network with higher fees. My new network, Dentist Friendly, has higher fees than many current networks. In addition I plan regular fee reviews and increases to keep up with the ever escalating costs of running a practice.

Thank you for your interest,
Dr. Sam Jaffe